Things to Know about Tree Removal

It is always important to preserve the trees and wildlife around your property but sometimes it is necessary to completely remove or chop a large part of  a dangerous tree, ultimately protecting and making a safe environment for your property. Cutting down trees can be extremely dangerous and its important to seek professionals, who have the right training, tools and permits to complete the tree removal safely. 

When a tree is dying or dead you still need to seek professional advice.  The tree may only need general maintenance like-

  • Cleaning- The removal of dead, dying or decaying branches
  • Raising- Removing some of the lower larger branches to provide more clearance.
  • Thinning- The professional selection or particular branches to remove, allowing the tree to receive more light.
  • Reduction- Removal of the wider and taller branches or the tree, reducing the size and the spread of the tree.

After all these steps have been taken and the tree is still proven to be a hazard to other objects the tree can then be removed by professionals. The process of removing trees can be straightforward or extremely complex and dangerous. This is where tree companies can then determine the best tree removal strategies. For Sutherland Shire city Tree removal arborist services use the link.

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Tree Removal Safety steps

Professional take important steps when assessing the removal of a tree. Most of the time you will need the councils approval to remove a tree from your property.

  • Assess the areas for any obstacles that may be in the way- property, power lines, fences and other trees may all be obstacles
  • Observe the way the tree is naturally leaning- this is the directions you want the tree to fall.
  • Checking the tree to make sure there isn’t any natural hazards- including rotten branches and dead branches.
  • Make sure to find two alternate escape routes when removing a tree- Sometimes a dangerous tree can be extremely unpredictable.
  • Have the tools to remove the tree safely- large chainsaws for the larger branches and small chainsaws for smaller branches. Ropes for climbing and securing the dangerous branch and personal protective equipment

Council Approval

The council aims to protect the trees and the environment on private property’s and public land and permission is required to prune or remove and trees on private property.

  • The tree can then be assessed buy a qualified member of the council.
  • A professional tree company can the remove the dangerous tree- make sure the tree lopper has an ABN, public liability, work cover and is professionally trained in the removal of trees.

Follow the link to all the policies, procedures and application forms for the tree removal in the Sutherland shire.

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Palm Tree Removal

Palm trees are extremely popular as they require minimum effort to keep healthy.  Only when they show signs of malnutrition or increased dead branches is when they need maintenance to keep them looking beautiful.  Its important to keep on top and maintain the health of palm trees as they can be more expensive to remove when they become dangerous, dead or decayed.  Palm trees also have a large root system and as they grow in size they can create damage to your property.

Palm tree maintenance

  • When buying a new palm consider  the position where your planting it- They grow large in size and may cause damage to property.
  • Always cut away the dead brown branches- Alot of dead brown branches may indicate that the palm may be dieing or has a disease.
  •  If your palm produces flowers, seeds or fruit make sure when they die you cut them off- to maintain nutrients.
  • Professionals have the proper equipment to safely remove palm trees- cherry pickers, cranes, chainsaws, climbers, ropes, stump grinders and wood-chipper are some of the materials needed.

For more information on Tree Removal Visit this website

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